I saw the mochitsuki at Nakatanidou in Nara City.



I went to Nara city in early November by the Kintetsu line.

During this season, the climate is pleasantly warm, making it ideal for outings.

I had the opportunity to attend an event organized by an acquaintance, where I was able to witness Nakatanidou mochitsuki.

Seeing mochi pounding up close really makes a difference in feeling its powerful impact.

This article will cover my first-time experience witnessing Nakatanido’s mochitsuki in Nara city. 

【Nakatanidou mochitsuki】

The address of Nakatanido is 29 Hashimotocho、 Nara、 Nara Prefecture.

Watching Mr.Nakatanido’s high-speed mochitsuki and hearing their chants was truly impressive.

The freshly pounded yomogi mochi was shaped on the spot by the staff.


The yomogi mochi was soft and delicious.

You can purchase one yomogi mochi from Nakatanido for 130 yen.

Mochi is pounded several times a day, so whenever you visit, you can almost always taste freshly made mochi.


Even in early November, the weather is neither too cold nor too hot, making it a comfortable season.

When visiting or sightseeing in Nara, why not consider a visit to Nakatanido at least once?